Unsolicited comments from
users of kickbully.com

"Thank you for clearly and concisely illuminating the world of those most insidious of abusers, the bully. So many intelligent and caring and otherwise aware people simply cannot see their machinations or the harm that such individuals create in every environment they touch."
 - Anonymous

"This is the most useful site I have ever come across. Thank you!"
 - Bonnie Griffith

"Your work is excellent. There is recourse, if people actually know a few techniques. Your web should be required reading for human resource employees."
 - Anonymous

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a comprehensive 'bullying' website. Unfortunately, I had to learn all of this on my own with some great determination and pain, and stumbled on your site post-facto. But your site lays it out almost exactly like my personal journal notes! I wish I had found your site 3 years ago, before doing it the hard way."
 - Wesley Miller

"I just discovered your website and what a great little jewel of very high value it is. I had to make myself stop reading and get back to work. Thanks to whomever is involved in this wonderful creation!!"
 - JaLynda Hart

"I can't go through my life without thanking you just once. This website is the most useful I have ever found. It has helped me to effectively neutralize the harassing problems I have encountered at my work. I can't thank you enough."
 - Tim Wheatley

"Thank you so much for the valuable information. You have given me the tools to become strong, calm and confident again, to stop the self blame and improve my work situation, and most importantly regain good health and happiness. I am sure I will revisit your site for continuous support and direction. bless you for helping me (and many others) find renewed hope and determination!"
 - Anonymous

"Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I just read most of your site and got complete validation that I've been bullied! Your site has helped me take control!! i can't tell you how long my search for such advice has been. Thank you!!"
 - Anonymous

"This is one of the best tools you could ever make an effort to arm people with about bullies. It answered so many questions to past problems, I read through your entire site on my very first visit."
 - Joseph Brown

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for this site! My boss is the bully and i have already had to file a sexual harassment complaint against him. I chose to continue to work with him because I am not a quitter and I refuse to take a lower level position or have him ruin my career. I am determined to see this through; the tools you have provided are priceless. Yes, I knew the bullying would get worse...now I feel like I can be totally prepared for the challenges to come. Thank you again!"
 - Anonymous