Useful Web Sites

Web sites on workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying Institute
A very useful web site by the authors of the Bully at Work
Bully OnLine
A site in the United Kingdom, where anti-bullying efforts are far more advanced than in the U.S.
Workplace Bullying Site
Offers resources on workplace bullying, industrial stress and employment law.
Bully Blocking
An Australian website covering both workplace and school bullying.

Web sites on schoolyard bullying
Extensive information on school bullying, including hundreds of accounts of bullying submitted from around the world.
Coalition for Children
A useful web site on school bullying.
Bully Beware
Great information on school bullying from an organization in British Columbia.
A U.K. based web site on school bullying.


Cyberbullying Research Center
Website devoted to identifying the causes and consequences of cyberbullying.

Miscellaneous web sites

Awakening the Mind
Original thinkers and the path to enlightenment.
Seeking the Unknowable
Ideas not of this reality.